April 30
7:30 pm
Developmental reading
The Birthday Lottery
by Richard Fouts

Shelton Theater
533 Sutter Street
San Francisco

April 30
11:59 pm
Fall Reading Series submissions close

Thursday, May 3
7:30 pm
Scene Night
Temporary location
Un-Scripted Theater
533 Sutter (upstairs)
San Francisco

Monday, May 7
7:30 pm
Staged reading
Untitled: 3 stories of 1 story of 1945 Berlin
by Vonn Scott Bair
Directed by Meira Perelstein
Shelton Theater
533 Sutter
San Francisco

Monday, May 14
7:30 pm
Developmental reading
A House Divided
by Rod McFadden
Shelton Theater
533 Sutter
San Francisco

Thursday, May 17
7:30 pm
Scene Night
Temporary location
Un-Scripted Theater
533 Sutter (upstairs)
San Francisco

Thursday, May 17
11:29 pm
Deadline for PCSF PlayOffs!

Full Calendar

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Upcoming Deadlines

  • April 30, 2018 - Fall 2018 Reading Series
  • May 17, 2018 - Enter PCSF PlayOffs
  • You can always see a list of active PCSF submission opportunities, if any, at the PCSF Submittable website.

Scene Night Special Location

Starting with our April 5 scene night, all scene nights for April, May, and June 2018 will be held at:

Un-Scripted Theater Company
533 Sutter, 2nd floor
(at Powell)
San Francisco

See you then. The full listing of scene nights and other events can be found on our calendar.

Spring 2018 Reading Series Continues

PCSF's Spring 2018 Reading Series continues:

April 30
7:30 pm
Developmental reading

The Birthday Lottery
by Richard Fouts

Shelton Theater
533 Sutter Street
San Francisco

$5-10 suggested donation/your discretion/members free

The Birthday Lottery speaks to a time when the government used an unbearable process to make horrific demands on its constituents. For anyone who wrings his hands at the plight of our nation today or has a fascination in where we have come from, this play is a must. It is also full of humanity, humor and love.

Followed by:

Monday, May 7
7:30 pm
Staged reading

Untitled: 3 stories of 1 story of 1945 Berlin
by Vonn Scott Bair
Directed by Meira Perelstein

Shelton Theater
533 Sutter
San Francisco

$10-20 suggested donation/your discretion/members free

An American doctor and nurse, plus a German woman, get swept up in one of the biggest crimes of the 20th Century. Each tells his or her version of events--but which one tells the truth?

Fall 2018 Reading Series submissions open

PCSF members, send us your play of up to 2.5 hours to be considered for a developmental or staged reading. The deadline is April 30, so get your play in now!

Full reading series info and submission form

PCSF PlayOffs! entries open

The hat is now open for names to be drawn, to be part of our upcoming PCSF PlayOffs! But things have changed a bit from prior years, so please read below:

The PCSF Playoffs! will be more like a short-play festival this year, showcasing twenty-seven 10-minute plays by PCSF members in three consecutive weeks in July, followed by a year-end production for the winners.

It will consist of three weekly rounds of staged readings, each featuring nine plays. The readings for each round are scheduled for July 15, 22, and 29.

Each round will include a matinee and evening performance, and after each performance, the audience will vote for their favorite three plays from that round. The top two vote-getters from each round (six plays) will be fully produced in at the end of the year.

Additionally, two of the remaining 21 plays will be selected by the directors and producers of the year-end production. These "Critcial Choice" plays will be added to the six "Audience Choice" selections and fully produced in an evening of eight short plays.

The festival will take place at the Shelton theatre (performances and rehearsals) –

  • Week 1 July 11 – July 15
  • Week 2 July 18 – July 22
  • Week 3 July 25 – July 29

Nine plays will be performed each week. Each week will feature different plays, for a total of 27.

All PCSF members are eligible to participate. The participants will be chosen via random drawing (similar to selections for our 24 hour festivals). Just put your name in the hat, and cross your fingers.

Nine playwrights will be chosen from the hat for each weekly round. A member can be chosen for only one weekly round. In this way, twenty-seven different members will be included in the quarterly Rounds.

PCSF PlayOffs festival deadlines

  • Name hat opens -- April 15
  • Names in the hat – by 11:29pm, May 17
  • Playwright selection from the hat -- May 18
  • Plays submitted from chosen playwrights – June 18

Plays will not be vetted by our literary committee. The plays submitted are at the discretion of the chosen playwrights, who are encouraged to submit their best work, which considers the following practical restrictions:

  • No more than four actors required (doubling okay)
  • Black box appropriate with single setting and up/down lighting set
  • Play is 10 minutes long (typically 8-9 pages). Due to production requirements, we must be STRICT about this time limit. If (at time of submission) producers deem the play to be longer, you will be required to submit another play that meets the time requirement. For this reason, we encourage you to limit your play to 8 pages.

Plays can be previously produced, but cannot have previous productions in SF. However, new and previously unproduced plays are welcomed, of course.

Your commitment as a "chosen" playwright:

  • You will provide your completed 10-minute play (no further revisions) by June 18.
  • Your play will be strictly timed at 10 minutes or less.
  • You will help publicize the reading of your play and get audience members
  • You agree to allow PCSF to fully produce your play in November 2018 if it is chosen by the audience.



IMPORTANT – you may be drawn for any of the three weeks. If there is a week for which you do NOT want to be considered (like if you were away on vacation that week), please specify this when you send in your name.


  • Plays written by our producers and/or directors are eligible for "Audience Choice" selection, but are NOT eligible for "Critical Choice" selection.
  • Playwrights participating in the July preliminary weekly rounds must be members-in-good-standing at the time of the festival. Playwrights whose plays are chosen for year-end production must also be members-in-good-standing at the time of the production (meaning they may need to renew membership in order to be included in the production). This renewal, if necessary, must be done no later than Aug 6, 2018 to be included in 2018 production.
  • If a play is slated for production, but the playwright's PCSF membership has lapsed, the play will be replaced by an additional "Critical Choice" play.

24-Hour Fest thank yous

The 24-hour Fest was a success! PCSF sends warm thank you's to everyone who made it happen.


  • Producer.....Bill Hyatt
  • Associate Producer.....Bridgette Dutta Portman
  • Stage Manager.....Paula K. Bauer
  • Crew.....Parker Neely
  • House Manager.....Lorraine Midanik
  • Hospitality And Concessions Manager.....L. 'z' Zephyr
  • Concessions Staff.....Marsha Roberts
  • House And Box Office Staff.....Lisa A. Mammel
  • Light And Sound Operator.....Bert van Aalsburg
  • Photographer.....Colin Hussey
  • Videographer.....Patrick M Brennan
  • Graphic Design.....John Dubiel
  • Playbill Design.....Bill Hyatt


  • Chas Belov
  • Jeffrey Blaze
  • Gaetana Caldwell-Smith
  • Richard Kevin Cartwright
  • Bridgette Dutta Portman
  • Madeline Puccioni
  • Karl Schackne
  • Barry Slater


  • John Ferreira
  • Madison Gerringer
  • Don Hardwick
  • Amanda J. Lee
  • Charley Lerrigo
  • Kris Neely
  • Genevieve Perdue
  • Bert van Aalsburg

The Ensemble

  • Chris Anderson
  • Maria Budig
  • Max O. Chang
  • Malinda Coler
  • Zack Collier
  • Delinda Dane
  • Moshe Goodman
  • Cesar A. Herrera
  • Helen Kim
  • Irwin Isidro
  • Lana Lacaille
  • Grace LemMon
  • Jessica Lim
  • Jacobella Luongo
  • Bernard Marger
  • Mark Morgan
  • Alexander J. Newhouse
  • Meira Perelstein
  • Janice Rumschlag
  • Jacob Scheuerman

A Special Thank You To Our Raffle Donors:

  • Paula Bauer
  • Stuart Bousel
  • Betsy Kruse Craig
  • Deepanshu Dutta
  • Meredith Hagedorn
  • Bill Hyatt
  • Carol Lashof
  • Anthony Miller
  • Kris Neely
  • Bridgette Dutta Portman
  • Madeline Puccioni
  • Marsha Roberts
  • Matt Shelton
  • Awesome Theater
  • Dragon Theatre
  • Marsh Theatre
  • Pear Theater
  • Shelton Theater
  • SF Olympians
  • SF Playhouse
  • Those Women Productions

A Very Special Thank You To:

  • Vonn Scott Bair for providing donuts and coffee for the entire cast and crew!!!! Yum!

PCSF Board Changes and Opportunities

I would like to update you on some changes, as well as offer you some opportunities, regarding the PCSF Board.

After serving as part of PCSF leadership for a number of years, Elizabeth Flanagan and Jim Norrena are leaving the board. During their tenure, they helped our organization more clearly define our core mission and achieve the financial stability that makes our future growth possible. While we will miss their contributions as Board members, both Jim and Elizabeth will continue active involvement in PCSF. (Jim will be helping with updates to our online presence, and Elizabeth is co-producing the upcoming PlayOffs production in November.)

Patricia L. Morin (previously Board Member-at-Large) will assume the responsibilities of Communications Director going forward.

These departures open up two positions on the Board. These positions are:

Secretary – responsible for record keeping and archiving, new member orientation, and membership outreach. Voting and signatory board member Board.

Member-at-Large -- this is a voting position, and also a training position for movement into one of the other board positions.

The time commitment for Board participation fluctuates, but typically involves a few hours each week, and attendance of the monthly board meeting. We ask those joining the board to commit to 2 years of service, in order to preserve necessary continuity.

PCSF membership is not required for Board service – opportunities are open to all interested PCSF members, as well as any other theatre professionals interested in helping create the future of PCSF.

Anyone interested in joining the PCSF board is encouraged to contact Bridgette Dutta Portman

Publicity Guide updated

The PCSF Publicity Guide (PDF), a basic guide for getting audiences for your readings and performances, has been updated to 2016. Thank you to Laylah Muran de Assereto for her work on this helpful work.

PCSF hits 1500 plays

PCSF has hit a milestone! As of May 22, 2016, PCSF has brought 1500 plays to the stage in the form of public readings and productions. Some of these plays have gone on to readings and productions elsewhere.

We are proud of our record supporting Bay Area playwrights in honing their work, and we are proud of and grateful to the playwrights, directors, actors, volunteers, donors, and others who have brought us this far and are bringing us into the future of theatre.

History of PCSF readings

PCSF success stories

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