The Playwrights' Center of San Francisco survives almost entirely on the generous support of volunteers. We are nearly always looking for people who want to lend a hand and get involved. Some of our volunteer opportunities pay a small stipend. If any of the opportunities interest you or if you think you might have some skills you'd like to share with us please contact us at positions@playwrightscentersf.org.

Board of Directors

Volunteer Coordinator: Help PCSF create a sustainable volunteer program that ties into our strategic objectives for membership growth and service continuity. Act as the point of contact for the Board for volunteer needs and potential volunteers interested in helping out. Attend monthly Board Meetings and participate in related activities.

Membership Director: Drive our strategic growth objectives for new membership and membership retention. Act as the point of contact for membership questions and issues. Work with the Administrative Director to manage day to day membership processing, tracking, and trending. Attend monthly Board Meetings and particpate in related activities.

Education Director: Find and vet educational opportunities, negotiate rates for members, assist with setting direction and producing special educational events. Coordinate announcements with the Newsletter Coordinator. Attend monthly Board Meetings and participate in related activities.


Producing Director, Developmental Readings: Produce our Spring and Fall Developmental Readings. Casting, space arrangements, help playwrights understand and fulfill their obligations, work closely with the Administrative Director to schedule the events and ensure facilitators, door persons and other resources are confirmed. Small stipend paid each season.

Scene nights and other 965 Mission events

Door Keepers: We need people to watch the doors during Scene Night and let in new arrivals. Door keepers mind the door from 7:15 to 7:50. You are guaranteed a reading of your pages the same night if you do this. Contact Rod: Rod@playwrightscentersf.org


Hey! Sheherezade X will be an exciting festival in March 2010 and we want you to be part of it! We need a few volunteers. We can’t pay, but we can feed you chocolate or buy you a bottle of wine, and will smother you with unending gratitude!

Sound Design: Do you notice the background music at the movies, have a strange obsession with how crinkled paper sounds like fire? We need some help with putting together some sound cues and transition snippets for between the plays. This would require a little bit of experience, the equipment and software (a computer, access to sound effects online, and appropriate media software), the time and willingness to work with the directors and stage manager in March 2010 for a few hours and to attend the tech rehearsals in mid-March and make any last minute changes that might be necessary.

Costume Coordinator: Do you like making lists and checking things off? Like to haunt the local Goodwill? Have some time to help work with our playwrights and actors to make sure we’ve got all the costume pieces we need? Not quite costume design or costume mistress, but we need someone who can attend a few rehearsals, a couple meetings in Feb/March, keep track of what costumes are needed and work with the actors and playwrights to make sure they have those items. If they don’t we may need you to help the stage manager track some bargain items down.

Prop Coordinator: Do you like making lists and checking things off? How are you with duct tape and spray paint? We need someone to help us keep track of what prop items we need and work with the playwrights, stage manager, and directors to get those items checked off and accounted for. Last year we spray painted some toy medals gold, gutted a big cardboard box, collected some interesting items for a chastity ceremony, and got to shop for Japanese cereal…. It requires attending a few rehearsals and being available for a couple meetings in Feb/March.

Your Basic Theatre Lackey: Got time on your hands, a vehicle, think climbing ladders and doing a last minute run to the store for an eggplant is fun, and just cannot get enough of hanging around rehearsals and backstage – even if it means just sitting there waiting for someone to yell “help, I need….!”? Then have we got some fun for you….We need one or two people who are willing to attend the last week of rehearsals and the full tech week before opening night to basically do whatever the stage manager desperately needs done; be it, unplanned, unscripted, or comically absurd.

If interested contact laylah@playwrightscentersf.org