If one of your PCSF plays (staged or developmental reading, Sheherezade, Plays in a Daze, or PCSF PlayOffs) has gone on to a theatre or festival reading or production or had professional publication or went on to an award, let us know and we'll feature you on this page! E-mail the PCSF Newsletter with the following information:

  1. SUBJECT: PCSF Success Story
  2. Play title
  3. Developmental or staged reading dates
  4. Production/publishing dates
  5. Production location
  6. Production/publishing company

Both present and past members are eligible for this page. Your play must have had a PCSF staged or developmental reading or production prior to being scheduled for the new reading or production.

Do you have a reading, production, publication or award for a play that didn't have a PCSF reading or production? Current members can e-mail the PCSF Newsletter with the information for a plug (local) or shout-out (remote).

  • The Arnolfini Portrait by Vonn Scott Bair
  • Auto-Mated by Charles Lerrigo
  • Bloodletting by Lisa Mammel
  • Formerly Known As by Alyson Mead
  • Frodo Lives by Elizabeth Flanagan
  • List by L. "Z" Zephyr
  • Shaving Bees by Laylah Muran de Assereto
  • Shock Value by Lorraine Midanik
  • Waiting For Van Gogh by Amanda J. Lee
PlayOffs 2017: Audience Favorites Showcase, directed by ShawnJ West and Carol Eggers
  • 2017-2018 season, Nomination, Best Anthology Production, Theatre Bay Area
  • A Relationship with History by Annette Roman
  • Association by Carol Lashof
  • Benched by Lorraine Midanik
  • Father's Day by Rod McFadden
  • Murder by Bridgette Dutta Portman
  • The Sound of Moonlight by Diane Sampson
  • Conundrum by Kristin Anundsen
  • Keep Moving, Nothing to See by Vonn Scott Bair
PCSF PlayOffs 2016, directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto & Carol Eggers
  • 2016-2017 season, Nomination, Best Anthology Production, Theatre Bay Area
  • The Stuff We Keep by Rod McFadden
  • Rorschach Test by Vaughn Hovanessian
  • How To Make A Video by Bill Hyatt
  • A Clean Well-Lighted Park Bench by Patricia L. Morin
  • A Comfortable Life by Madeleine Butler
  • By Any Other Name by Carol S. Lashof
  • New New Economy by Steven Hill
  • Sparse Pubic Hair by Lorraine Midanik
Sheherezade's Last Tales, 2015, directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto and Adam L. Sussman
  • 2015-2016 season, Winner, Best Anthology Production, Theatre Bay Area
Wily west productions
  • Dissonance by Terry Anderson
  • The Duck by Vonn Scott Bair
  • The Box by Madeleine Butler
  • Brew, Drink, Repeat by Bridgette Dutta Portman
  • Almost Like Being Alive by Steve Koppman
  • Reframing Rockwell by Jim Norrena
  • The Interview by Madeline Puccioni
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy by Jennifer Lynne Roberts
Sheherezade 2014, co-production of Wily West Productions and PCSF, directed by Amy Crumpacker and Wesley Cayabyab
  • 2014, Nomination, Best Anthology Production, Theatre Bay Area
The Dark Sister Staged Reading, 2010
  • 2019, 6th Annual Play Reading Series, Paper Wing Theatre, Monterey, CA
The Land of Hope and Dreams Staged Reading, 2012
  • 2015, 1st Place, The Helen-Jean Play Contest
Chas Belov
The Making of Medea's Medea Staged Reading, 2017
  • 2019, The 22nd Annual Festival of One-Acts, Port Jefferson, NY
  • 2018, semi-finalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival
  • July 2018, Medea monologue in RAW BiTES '18: The Road Trip Monologues, RPW & stories about humans, Melrose Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
No WORD FOR SCHADENFREUDE Staged Reading, PCSF PlayOffs, 2016
  • 2018, staged reading, Above Asking, Trailhead Theatre, Dragon Theatre
Hemlock Staged Reading, 2016
  • 2019, semi-finalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival
  • 2018, finalist, New Works Festival, Kitchen Dog Theater, Dallas, TX
EVIL FAN Staged Reading, 2015
  • 2019, semi-finalist, Second Annual New Comedies Festival, B Street Theatre
Consent Plays in a Daze, 2014
  • 2015, ShortLived, PianoFight
  • 2014, OTP Slam Boston, Open Theatre Project
Marian Berges
The Medea Hypothesis Staged Reading, 2012
  • 2013, Premiere, Central Works
It’s Murder, Mary! Staged Reading, 2005
  • 2011, Theatre Q, Madison, WI
  • 2009, Emerald Theatre Company, Memphis TN
  • 2008, Commission, Premiere, New Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco
Strange Bedfellows Staged Reading, 2004
  • 2016, Khaos Company Theatre, Indianapolis, IN
  • 2012, World Premiere at Theatre Out, Santa Ana, CA
  • 2011, Renegade Theatre Festival, Lansing, MI
  • 2005, Winner, Absolute Time Play Festival
  • 2005, Staged Reading at City Lights Theatre, San Jose
P*ORN YESTERDAY DramaRama, 2002
  • 2010, Emerald Theatre Company, Memphis, TN
  • 2009, Thorny Theatre Company, Palm Springs, CA
  • 2005, Curan Repertory Company, New York City, NY
  • 2005, Alternative Theater Company, Phoenix, AZ
  • 2003, Fritz Blitz Festival of New Plays by California Playwrights, San Diego, CA
The Second Weekend in September Staged Reading, 2007
  • 2010, Premiere, City Lights Theatre, San Jose
Another Dude's Slingbacks Staged Reading, 2007
  • 2010, 13th Street Repertory Theatre, NYC
Shoot O'Malley twice Staged Reading, 2007, as Fingers
  • 2011, Premiere, Virago Theatre Company, San Francisco, CA
Intelligent Men Ask for Directions Developmental Reading, 2011
  • 2012, New Play Development Factory, Dragon Productions Theatre
Rachel Bublitz
The Fantasy Club Staged Reading, 2012
  • 2013, Premiere, All Terrain Theater, San Francisco, CA
Richard Kevin Cartwright
DRAPETOMANIA Staged Reading, 2010
  • 2014, Staged!, Theatre Madcap, San Francisco, CA
Michaela Goldhaber
The Lady Scribblers Developmental Reading, 2011
  • 2015, finalist, Ebell playwright award
  • 2014, finalist, Bay Area Play Festival
  • 2013, Butterfield 8 Theatre Company New Works Series, Concord, CA
The Waiting Room Staged Reading, 2005
  • 2007, 3rd Annual Playwright Festival, Silver House Theatre, Houston, TX
CURLS Staged Reading, 2002
  • 2005, Isis Arts Company in San Francisco, CA
SUBJECTS DramaRama, 2001
  • 2005, Redfeather Theatre Company in Worcester, MA
  • 2003, Unidentified Theatre Company in San Francisco, CA
  • 2005, Oakland Center for the Arts in Youngstown, OH
  • 2003, Prince William Sound Community College Drama in Valdez, AK
  • 2002, Unidentified Theatre Company in San Francisco, CA
BLESS ME, FATHER Staged Reading, 2001
  • 2004, Prince William Sound Community College Drama in Valdez, AK
Dan Hirsch
THe Subtenant Developmental Reading, 2013
  • 2014, Staged!, Theatre Madcap, San Francisco, CA
Allston James
Foreign Women Developmental Reading, 2006
  • 2009 & 2010, Reading, Abingdon Theatre, NYC
  • 2007, Carl Cherry Center in Carmel, CA
Judy Juanita
Theodicy Developmental Reading, 2006; Staged Reading, 2007
  • 2008, Reading, Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH
  • 2007 Eileen Heckart Award for Playwrighting
Carol Lashof
The Melting POT Developmental Reading, 2017
  • 2018, Premiere, Everyday Inferno Theater, NYC
  • 2018, Staged Reading, Those Women Productions, Oakland, CA
Disclosure Developmental Reading, 2013
  • 2015, World Premiere, Those Women, PianoFight, SF
  • 2014, Staged Reading, Virago Theatre
Cassandra Lewis
The Elevator Mystique Sheherezade, 2007
  • 2010, Weave Magazine, Issue 4
Lo Mein & Tequila Developmental Reading, 2009
  • 2011, RAW (Ross Alternative Works), Ross, CA
Morgan Ludlow
WIDOW WEST Staged Reading, 2008
  • 2008, Wily West Productions, SF, CA
The Scratch Staged Reading, 2006
  • 2007, Bay Area One Acts, 3 Wise Monkeys at Eureka Theatre, SF, CA
Krista Knight
UN-Hinged Staged Reading, 2011
  • 2014, Premiere, Wily West Productions
Moscow, Utah Staged Reading, 2006
  • 2006, Bus Barn Theatre, Los Altos, CA
A House Divided Developmental Reading, 2018
  • 2018, Drama Association of Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA, reading
Counting on Love Developmental Reading, 2010
  • 2012, Treat Street Theatre Project/PCSF co-production, SF, CA
  • 2011, Fire Rose Productions, Hollywood, CA
  • 2011, Camino Real Playhouse, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Hope's Last Chance Developmental Reading, 2012
  • 2013, Premiere, Wily West Productions, SF, CA
  • 2012, Spooky Cabaret New Play Festival, Wily West Productions, SF, CA
LEFTOVERS Staged Reading, 2004
  • 2005, Playwrights' Center of San Francisco, CA
  • 2003, Killing My Lobster, San Francisco, CA
Lorraine Midanik
ORDINARY DAY Staged Reading, 2017
  • 2018, World Premiere, Valley Players, Yountville, CA
  • 2017, semi-finalist, City Lights Theater Company's New Play Reading Series
  • 2017, semi-finalist, Athena Project's New Plays in Progress
Patricia Milton
BAMBOOZLED Staged Reading, 2017, as Bending Toward Justice
  • 2018, Outstanding Production at the Theatre Bay Area Awards (for Central Works production)
  • 2018, Central Works, Berkeley
Believers Developmental Reading, 2010
  • 2015-2016 and 2017-2018, Lavanta Productions, Istanbul, Turkey, as Aşk İlaçlar Ve Yan Etkileri
  • 2012, World Premiere, Wily West Productions, San Francisco
  • 2011, Staged Reading, Wily West New Play Festival, San Francisco, CA
The Only Virgin in Jubilee County Staged Reading, 2005
  • 2007, Winner, Hill Country Playwrighting Festival
  • 2007, Hill County Community Theatre, Marble Falls, TX
Laylah Muran De Assereto
Underneath The Above And Beyond Developmental Reading, 2014, as Underneath The Above And Below
  • 2018, ShortLived, PianoFight
Alan Olejniczak
Dominion Developmental Reading, 2014
  • 2016, At Last Theatre
Bridgette Dutta Portman
LA Fee Verte Staged Reading, 2013
  • 2016, Acadiana Repertory Theatre, Lafayette, LA, Developmental Premiere
CAENEUS AND POSEIDON Staged Reading, 2013
  • 2017, Dragon Theatre, Redwood City, CA, World Premiere
  • 2014, City Lights Theatre Company, reading
Friar Lazaro, or the King of Terrors Staged Reading, 2012
  • 2013, City Lights Theater Company New Play Series, San Jose, CA
  • 2012, Spooky Cabaret New Play Festival, Wily West Productions, SF, CA
Madeline Puccioni
Cyclone Dancing Staged Reading, 2016
  • 2017, First Place, Ebell Playwright Prize, reading, Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles
Molly Rhodes
All the Babies Fathers Staged Reading, 2008
  • 2008, Premiere, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Roberts
Beekeeper Staged Reading, 2009
  • 2011, Premiere, Virago Theatre Company, Alameda, CA
FAITH Staged Reading, 2003
  • 2006, MacMurray College, Jacksonville, IL
Karl Schackne
BICYCLING TO AFGHANISTAN Developmental Reading, 2015
  • 2016, Staged Reading, At Last Theatre, San Francisco, CA
Kirk Shimano
LOVE IN THE TIME OF ZOMBIES Developmental Reading, 2009
  • 2012, San Francisco Theatrepub, Cafe Royale
  • 2011, Staged Reading, Wily West New Play Festival, San Francisco, CA
Barry Slater
Confession Staged Reading, 2016, as Forgive Me, Brother, part of End Games
  • 2018, Staged Reading, Pear Theatre, Mountain View, CA
AMERICAN IRISH Staged Reading, 2004
  • 2005, in San Francisco, CA
Richelle Lee Slota
MASCULARITY Developmental Reading, 2016
  • 2016, Staged Reading, North Beach Bauhaus, San Francisco, CA
MERCHANTS Developmental Reading, 2011
  • 2012, Premiere, No Nude Men Productions, Exit Theatre, San Francisco, CA
Mary Spletter
Arches, Balance and Light Staged Reading, 2012
  • 2016, staged reading of adaptation as "An Afternoon with Julia", Actors Ensemble with Mountain View Cemetary
  • 2016, World Premiere, Ross Valley Players, Ross, CA
  • 2015, reading, Ross Valley Players, Ross, CA
Corned Beef Staged Reading, 2003
  • 2011, Catchy Name Theatre Company, Boxcar Theatre Studios, San Francisco
Brian Tognotti
Make Love Not War Sheherezade, 2005
  • 2008, Premiere, New Conservatory Theatre’s “Men in Uniform,” San Francisco
Alina Trowbridge
  • 2019, Garry Marshall New Works Festival, Burbank, CA