This is the reading series selection process. For Sheherezade please read the Sheherezade FAQs.


  • PCSF reserves the right to extend deadlines at any time, even after the original deadline has lapsed. Every attempt will be made to notify everyone of the extension prior to the original deadline when possible. Those who met the original deadline are welcome to make revisions and resubmit their original work before the extended deadline.


  • A confirmation email will be sent up to two weeks after the submission deadline acknowledging receipt of your play. If submission requirements are not met (length, format, missing elements, etc.), we will decline the play at this time and notify you of its disqualification. Please contact us if you do not receive confirmation within the given time frame. It may mean something happened and we did NOT receive your play.  But please be kind and wait until the notification time-frame has ended.  If the play was submitted on time, but not received, we will work with you.
  • Once final selections have been made, notices will be sent to playwrights along with feedback evaluation forms. Every effort is made to complete selection and have notifications sent out within 8-10 weeks of the submission deadline for Reading Series and 2-4 weeks for Sheherezade. This time frame varies depending on the number of plays submitted and Literary Committee bandwidth. Please be patient. If your play is selected for a reading, the Producing Director will contact you with more information.

Literary Committee Reading and Selection Process:

  • The Literary Committee reads all submissions. (At least two members read each play with an option for a third to read any play as deemed necessary, at the discretion of the Literary Committee.) This step of the process generally takes four to six weeks from the submission deadline.
  • All plays submitted for a Staged Reading are automatically considered for a Developmental Reading if not selected for Staged Reading.
  • Once the Literary Committee has made its selections, the relevant Producer will also read the plays. This step of the process may take 1-2 weeks.
  • The Producing Directors work with the playwright, the directors, and the theatre space to nail down the schedule. Once we have the schedule, the website calendar will be updated.

Selection Criteria: Readings

  • While all plays submitted for our Reading Series are considered for a Staged Reading, there are multiple factors that determine selection. The primary determining factors are:
    1. overall stage of development and readiness of the play for production (structure & plot, character development, dramatic tension, clarity, dialogue, and action);
    2. feasibility of PCSF to stage read the play (# of actors, complexity of scene logistics, comprehensibility without full production, etc.);
    3. availability of slots, timing, and budget.
  • PCSF does not censor or place any restrictions on the content or language of a play, preferring to let the audience communicate its reactions directly to the playwright. However, we do not surrender the right to censor.
  • Final decision is reserved by the Board of Directors.