PCSF PlayOffs submissions

In order to be considered for Round Two, send an email to rod@playwrightscentersf.org by 11:59 pm, April 17. If your name is drawn from the hat on April 18, you will have until May 5 to submit your ten-minute play.

The PCSF PlayOffs will showcase twenty-seven 10-minute plays by PCSF members.   It will consist of three "quarterly" rounds of staged readings, each featuring nine plays. These rounds are scheduled for March 5 (done), May 21, and July 16.
Each round will include a matinee and evening performance, and after each performance, the audience will vote for their favorite three plays from that round. The top two vote-getters from each round (six plays) will be fully produced in our year-end showcase,  Nov 2 through Nov 11.
Additionally, two of the remaining 21 plays will be selected by the directors and producers of the year-end production.  These Critical Choice plays will be added to the six Audience Choice selections and fully produced in an evening of eight short plays. That means that even if your play isn't one of the top vote-getters in your round, it may still be selected for production at the end of the year.
NEW THIS YEAR: Any member whose name is in the hat for all three rounds, but fails to be chosen, will be eligible to submit a play to the Critical Choice selection.  So no member will be denied an opportunity to be considered for the full-production showcase.
Round Two's performances will be on Sunday, May 21, at 3:30 and 7 p.m. in the Shelton Theater. 
All PCSF members are eligible to participate. The participants will be chosen via random drawing (similar to selections for our 24 hour festivals).  Just put your name in the hat, and cross your fingers.
Nine playwrights will be chosen from a hat for Round One. Once a member is selected for a round, he/she is no longer eligible for subsequent rounds that year.   But members who are not chosen are still eligible for subsequent rounds.  In this way, twenty-seven different members will be included in the quarterly rounds.
Round TWO deadlines:

  • Names in the hat – by 11:59 p.m., April 17
  • Playwright selection from the hat - April 18
  • Plays submitted from chosen playwrights – May 5th
Plays will not be vetted by our Literary Committee.  The plays submitted are at the discretion of the chosen playwrights, who are encouraged to submit their best work, which considers the following practical restrictions:
  • No more than five actors required (doubling okay). No more than three of any gender.
  • Black-box appropriate with single setting and up/down lighting set
  • Play is 10 minutes long (typically 8-9 pages)
  • Plays can be previously produced, but cannot have previous productions in SF in the last two years. However, new and previously unproduced plays are welcomed, of course.
Your commitment as a chosen playwright:
  • You will provide your completed 10-minute play (no further revisions) by May 5.
  • You will help publicize the reading of your play and build a large, enthusiastic audience.
  • You agree to allow PCSF to fully produce your play in November if it is chosen by the audience or as a Critical Choice play.
To put your name in the hat for Round One, send an email to:
Fine Print Stuff:
  • Directors of a quarterly rounds are not eligible to submit a play for that round, even if they are PCSF members-in good-standing.
  • Plays written by our year-end producers and/or directors are eligible for Audience Choice selection, but are not eligible for Critical Choice selection.
  • Playwrights participating in quarterly rounds must be members-in-good-standing at the time of the round.
  • Playwrights whose plays are chosen for year-end production must also be members-in-good-standing at the time of the production (meaning they may need to renew membership in order to be included in the production). This renewal, if necessary, must be done no later than Aug 31, 2017, to be included in the 2017 production.
  • If a play is slated for production, but the playwright's PCSF membership has lapsed, the play will be replaced by an additional Critical Choice play.