Fall 2004 Plays

October 12

Directed by Alice Shikina

A presidential election, and the Democratic challenger is given almost no chance of beating the Republican President. That is, until a neophyte political operator suggests painting the incumbent ticket as gay.

Jon Brooks's full-length playThe Button finished a two-week run in June at The Bloomington Playwrights Project in Bloomington, Indiana. His one-act play,Better Than Hitler, was performed by San Francisco's Thunderbird Theater Company in this year's Bay One-Acts Festival. Another one-act,Red Light, was a finalist in 2002's DramaRama competition, put on by PCSF. He received an MFA in Fiction from Brooklyn College.

October 26
LEFTOVERS by Scott McMorrow
Directed by Alice Shikina

What happens when you deviate from Life's recipe book? Often, the answer is too bizarre for human consumption. A candid and comedic look at the taboo subject of cannibalism, sex, and what's on the menu.

Sueño by Scott McMorrow

In a piece blending elements of street culture, Santeria mysticism, and the often bizarre nature of blood relationship, a hardcore female gangster learns that being more ruthless than her male counterparts isn't the only thing that will keep her on top.

Scott McMorrow is a member of Three Wise Monkeys, and his award-winning plays have been produced in Europe and the United States. Scott wrote and directed an adaptation ofLysistrata that was a co-recipient of the Bay Area Critics Circle Special Award. His one-act,Naked Stage, will be produced at The Fringe of Marin this November.Puppet Therapy was produced at the 2004 Fritz Blitz in San Diego.Leftovers was presented at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in June. Scott's professional memberships include PEN (where he is on the Freedom-to-Write Committee), the Dramatists Guild, and the Playwrights' Center of San Francisco.

November 9
Directed by Christopher Jenkins

When a Marina architect finds a homeless man living in his back yard, he discovers that sometimes life gets better when everything goes wrong.

Alina Trowbridge studied fiction writing at San Francisco State University. She was seduced into theater while writing and performing in amateur musicals with friends and has written a full length musical adaptation of Chaucer'sFranklin's Tale with Christopher Frechette. Alina took her first playwrighting workshops early this year through the Playwrights' Center's delightful and accessible education program. The first two chapters of her novel in progress,Tom All Alone's Revenge, have been printed in Oakland's homeless newspaper,Street Spirit. Alina works as a grant writer, fundraiser, and propagandist for the American Friends Service Committee.Seismic Surprises is her first play.


November 30
Directed by Christopher Jenkins

A romantic comedy where the best disguise is none at all, and the truth is the best deception.

Nearly twenty of Vonn's scripts have been produced, including the feature filmNothing With No Oneand the world's first online interactive theater experience Yes Maybe No ( http://www.yesmaybeno.com). He is also an actor with 150 credits in his short career. Vonn is also a member of the avant-garde group Eddie The Rat ( http://www.eddietherat.com), a director, and a producer. In his spare time (spare time?) he holds down a full-time day job and bakes sensational oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

NIMROD HEAVEN by Hal Schneider
Directed by Christopher Jenkins

A manly play about manly men doing manly things while working for an international corporation in a vanquished Muslim land where terror rules—in 1805.

Two years ago Hal Schneider moved to the Bay Area from Alaska. During a blizzard in 1984, he and a few friends climbed a mountain in Eagle River, Alaska, during a blizzard, scaling the icy cliffs with bare fingers and no tackle—on a whim. In 2001, running a fever of 101 degrees, he climbed the five thousands steps of Mount Girnar in India and in high winds traversed the rim of the volcano to reach the temple of Devi. You may have guessed, he's a Capricorn. Writing is another mountain he hopes to understand.

December 14
AMERICAN IRISH by Ken Slattery
Directed by Mark Gagné

John comes home to Ireland from the US, with some news for his family: he's going to be a father. Meanwhile, his brother Alan has some life-changing news too.

Originally from Ireland, several of Ken's plays have been produced there, including his self-produced showThe Lads (Winner Best Production ISDA Festival 1996), and Lila Theatre Troupe's productions ofAn Audience with Olly, andThe Kydz. Recently in San Francisco,The Christmas Gift was produced by Three Wise Monkeys,Death to the Audience was stage-read by Playground as part of the Monday Night Series, andThe Life Manualwas produced by the Actors Theatre of Santa Rosa.American Irish was also stage-read by Aggro Theatre here in San Francisco. Ken is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

January 11, 2005
THE WAITING ROOM by Jody Handley
Directed by Anna Budd

Some religions teach that, after his crucifixion, Jesus went to Hell. What if he stopped in Hell's waiting room—and met his best friend and betrayer, Judas?

A former editor for Warner Books, Jody Handley escaped to San Francisco in 2000 to pursue her personal writing goals. Thankfully, she found PCSF, and since has had full productions includingSubjects (Bay Area One Act Festival, 2002) andTo Engage in Mutual Touching or Caressing of the Lips (Unidentified One-Act Festival, 2001), which won PCSF's DramaRama 2000 competition. Her work has appeared in Daytrippers 2001, Overnighters 2003, the 2003 48-Hour Film Competition, and in several PCSF staged readings. Jody is the Chairperson of PCSF and a karaoke hostess at Annie's Cocktail Lounge.

SELF-ANIMATIONS by Brian Tognotti
Directed by Anna Budd

In the year 2072, holograms are used in place of slide presentations. Or are they? When a "computer simulated" hologram breaks free of her programming, it calls into question everything upon which our hyper-technological society is based.

Brian Tognotti has a BA with honors in Theatre Arts from UCLA. His 10-minute play The Confession was selected for the Playwrights' Center of San Francisco's Sheherezade and Three Wise Monkeys Short Leaps festivals. He is Board Secretary for the Playwrights' Center of San Francisco, where his plays have received staged readings. He is also a member of Theatre Bay Area and The Dramatists' Guild of America.

January 25, 2005
AGE OF DRAGONS by River Jackson
Directed by Anna Budd

A modern-day professor of medieval history sweeps us back into a reimagined thirteenth century where the figurative becomes the literal—and vice versa—all in rhyming verse.

RIVER JACKSON is an actor, director, playwright, and full-time graduate student at San Francisco State University. He is a former member of the touring educational ensemble Science Discovery Theatre and a founding member of the Dips, who performed improvised musicals in the Bay Area for five years. His one-act plays have graced the stages of five venues in San Francisco, his comedyKnock Yourself Out was part of the 2003 Bay One Acts (BOA) Festival, and his one-man show,Ethan's Gift, was part of the 2003 San Francisco Fringe Festival.