Our staged reading program

One of PCSF's most important events is the staged reading. The purpose of the readings is to give local playwrights a real hands-on look at how their play is beginning to take shape on the stage, freeing it from the confines of the author's page. All other members who have paid their membership fee can attend these readings for free.

Probably the greatest gift a staged reading offers is the opportunity to discover what works and what doesn't. It can answer questions you may have about your play and present new ones, as well. It's a way to get a fresh perspective on your work and get creatively re-energized. A staged reading is intended to launch you into your next re-write; it is not, therefore, for those who feel that the play is already "done" or "perfect."

All staged readings are coordinated by the Reading Series Producers: Charley Lerrigo and Rod McFadden.

The Critique Session

After every developmental and staged readings, a facilitator leads a discussion to help the playwright clarify his mission; that she achieved what she wanted to achieve; and that important, basic parts of the play are definable.

We usually ask the following questions during each discussion. The discussions are not limited to these questions. Some questions may seem simplistic or obvious, but it's important to clarify these points for the playwright.

  1. What are the themes of the play?
  2. Which characters were the most empathetic?
  3. Least empathetic?
  4. At which points were you most engaged?
  5. Least engaged?
  6. How did any characters or scenes feel extraneous?
  7. What did you like about the play?