Ongoing Playwriting Opportunities

This page contains information about opportunities with no deadline, as submitted to us by theatre companies or which come to our attention as a newer opportunity. Please check the theatre company's Web site whenever possible before submitting to verify current information. Newest opportunities are placed at the top of the page.

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Updated 5/23/10

Women in Theatre

The nonprofit organization Women in Theatre (WIT), located in Los Angeles, is seeking new plays for our series of monthly staged play readings. We welcome male and female playwrights' submissions.

The Monthly Writers Reading Series, free for everyone, is held the last Sunday of every month. Refreshments are provided. Casting is preferred to WIT members, non-members may be cast as needed. Scripts are picked ahead of time, some evenings monologues and scenes are also welcome. Non-Members are welcome to attend two events before joining.

If you are interested, please send a cover email plus the first 20 pages of your play to Julia, the coproducer, at

Women in Theatre website

Treehouse Theatre Company

The Treehouse Theatre Company seeks new full-length plays for our premiere season in 2010-2011. Because we are new, we will only be looking for 1-2 plays for our mainstage, but are highly interested in forming relationships with playwrights whose work we like. Please send us your work, and if we are interested, we will help your play find a stage.

We are looking for only full-length plays that have not had a professional production, though readings and workshops are fine. We accept electronic submissions only and plays should be sent to with the full play, a synopsis, a cover letter, and a character breakdown; attachments should be in either Word or PDF formats. We promise to reply within one-month of submission.

While we accept plays of all styles, we are particularly interested in work that explores powerful humanistic elements; that show a spark of life and are not scared of making audiences uncomfortable. If you would like to contact us for any further information, please send an e-mail at

Jan McArt's Play Reading series

Lynn University, no fee

We are now accepting submissions for next year's Jan McArt's Play Reading series with the Drama Program at Lynn University. We are looking for one acts in any form. Anything from a compilation of shorts to one hour one acts.

Please email any script submissions to Carrie Simpson and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Also, please feel free to forward this message to any playwright friends/colleagues you have. There will be a total of four readings next year.

Point of You Productions

Point of You Productions was formed when its Artistic Director, Jeff Love, walked out of a bookstore after finishing Shakespeare's revenge tragedy Titus Andronicus and found himself in a throng of protesters speaking out against the Diallo trials, demanding that the policemen involved in shooting an innocent man be punished.

Wishing to convey to New York City the moral that revenge leads to destruction, he produced Titus Andronicus with a modern-day police state setting. Expecting this to be a one-time endeavor, he was surprised to find that by the end of the run, he had a small company of actors and technicians asking, "What's next?"

What was to be next was calling upon Johnny Blaze Leavitt, Point of You's Executive Director. Johnny was attracted to the idea of building a company whose mission is to produce original and classical works that convey a relevant moral relating to issues in today's society.

The pair agreed that art, and especially theatre, in New York City had become sensationalized and spectacle-oriented, taking focus away from its purpose: to enlighten. They feel that an audience needs to hear stories that pose important, thought provoking questions about what drives them to act the way they do in their daily lives.

Jeff began searching for appropriate material — classical or original — and develop how the audience should hear and see this material. Johnny Blaze Leavitt began assembling talented individuals committed to producing quality theatre and researching what would be needed for the new company to compete in such a large theatre community.

This is the essence of what Point of You is: the Artistic Director works to enrich the audience while the Executive Director creates the environment where artists can collaborate and build a collective body of work to be proud of.

Want to write for Point of You? Send your scripts to

Point of You website

Queens Theatre in the Park New Play Development Programs

About New Play Development Programs:

  • Rob Urbinati, Director of New Play Development
  • Cary Wong, Literary Manager
  • Tom Rowan, Casting Consultant

Queens Theatre in the Park has two New Play Development Programs.

At this time, we are only accepting submissions which fit squarely into the parameters of either of the two following programs:

The Immigrant Voices Project is a year-round program that develops new plays reflecting the diverse demographics of New York City for play reading series, workshops and full productions. For IVP, we are interested in plays on any theme by "minority" writers, and plays on "immigrant" themes by non-minority writers.

Plays A Mother Would Love is a year-round program that seeks new, mainstream comedies, musicals and thrillers with small casts for play reading series, workshops and full productions. For this Series, we are interested in "warm, accessible" comedies or dramas on family themes, featuring older characters.

Submission procedure:

  • No unsolicited scripts.
  • Email a letter of inquiry, synopsis, cast breakdown, resume and production history to
  • Include a statement, which indicates for which of the two New Play Development Programs you think your play is suited.
  • No children's show or one acts, please.
  • Production considerations: prefers cast limit of 8
  • Response: To letter of inquiry: 3 months
  • To requested scripts: 6 months

The Immigrant Voices Project is supported by the Jerome Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and The New York Times Company Foundation, Fund for Midsize Theatres, a project of A.R.T./New York.

Free programming is supported by Travelers Foundation.

Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles.

Accepting queries for ongoing productions.

Center Theatre Group's New Play Production program ensures that a variety of vibrant new theatrical work will be produced on our stages. The program is specifically designed to foster not only development, but production of new work from artists within the diverse communities of Los Angeles, as well as from across the nation and abroad.

It is CTG's intention that this initiative will provide professional and career growth for artists, a broadening of horizons for theatregoers, enrichment of the field of theatre through support of new and rarely heard voices, and growth for Southern California in terms of cultural and attendant economic impact. The design, themes and impulses of the New Play Production program will help infuse a vitality and a wealth of diverse work into theatres in Los Angeles and around the nation.

Script Submissions

If you've written a script and would like to send it to Center Theatre Group, please submit a brief description of the work and from five to ten sample pages. Your description need not be a full synopsis of the plot. Describe the play—the world, the characters, the conflict, your reasons for writing it. The sample pages, of course, will be most helpful to us in deciding whether or not to request the full manuscript. Multiple submissions are not encouraged.

You may also include any supporting materials—such as a résumé, audio tape and/or reviews of your work—that might allow us a broader view of you and your work. Please allow us approximately six to eight weeks to review your submission. As always, please include a SASE for all correspondence and, should you desire it, the return of your materials.

Center Theatre Group
Literary Department
601 W Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Full details on Center Theatre Group here.

Shortlived 3.0

PianoFight seeks short works by Bay Area playwrights - no fee

Submit your short plays now: Shortlived 3.0 begins April 2.

This play competition pits short plays against each other, and the audience votes determine who moves on. Past ShortLived winners include PCSF member Daniel Heath, who penned the original "Fork Off On Your Own Forking Adventure Which You've Forked: FORKING!"

It is pretty complicated, (but fun!) so click the link to get all the info.

Submit early, but if you're still working on something, submissions are accepted throughout the competition. More than one submission is okay. Email scripts to:

This show is lots of fun, and they have personally reached out to PCSF to submit, so let's pitch in!

Full details on the PianoFight competition here.

Los Angeles theatre company seeks plays of any length with large casts. Ongoing.

Theatre Neo is a dedicated core of professional actors, writers and directors who passionately reveal the beauty and powerful impact of live theatre in the Los Angeles community. Established in 1997, Neo produces stimulating new works along with classic American theatre. Through both our staged productions as well as community collaborations, Neo fulfills its members' artistic goals and dreams, while audiences are entertained and given the opportunity to experience a wide range of life emotions.

Play Submissions
We at Theatre Neo are always looking for new plays of any length. We prefer new material or pieces that do not require royalties, but we do also consider published plays that have not been produced recently in the LA area. If the playwright wishes feedback from the Reading Committee, he or she should request this in writing at the time of submission; consideration sometimes takes several months. You may submit plays with one attachment (plays will considered with one actor "attached" to a specific role or with a director already part of the project). If the playwright is available, this attachment must meet with the writer's approval. The play will then be read with the attached actor or director included as part of the consideration process.

Plays may be submitted for consideration by company members but we are looking for work from any source. We are currently considering short (10-minute) plays, longer one-acts (40 minutes to 1 hour), as well as full-length plays. Because we are an acting company, we tend to put an emphasis on productions that will utilize as many people as possible. Full length plays with larger casts, therefore, probably fit our needs better than a two or three character full-length.

Plays are initially read by our play reading committee. If the committee is interested in the material it will be given a formal staged reading by company members as part of our Play Reading Series. The company members who attend the readings then rate the work on a numeric scale to give an overall idea of the company's interest. If a play is highly rated by the company, it will be considered for production.

Actors in the company are encouraged to find work they think is appropriate for the company and submit it themselves. An actor may be considered "attached" to a project, but only if that is worked out in advance with the playwright before submitting the play.

Theatre Neo is closing and manifesting into a new theatre called Neo Ensemble theatre. I am currently in charge of the reading play selection committe. Please send scripts to me at
Michael Erger

Mailing address for play submissions:
Theatre Neo
PO Box 48553
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(a) Write "For Consideration" on the envelope
(b) We do not consider full-length plays with casts smaller than 8 characters
(c) If you wish the play to be returned to you, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope
(d) If you wish feedback or confirmation of receipt, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard
(e) Feedback and response may take some time; we are an all-volunteer company
(f) If you know anyone in the company, submit it through that person instead; this may speed up the process