Bay Area Theatre Companies

Most Bay Area theatre companies belong to Theatre Bay Area (TBA). View the TBA theatre company directory at the TBA Web site.

Pacifica Table Readers

Halfway between PCSF's scene nights and developmental readings lies the table reading.

Pacifica Table Readers (PTR) meets monthly to read aloud and discuss original, unpublished stage plays and screenplays. We combine it with a potluck. Meetings are on a Sunday evening.

This is a venue to hear your works given voice and have fun in the process. A good place to network and meet other actors, writers, producers, directors, and other interesting people.

Several PCSF members have heard their  work read at PTR monthly meetings and gotten feedback.

The Yahoo! group Pacifica Table Readers is created for announcements, information on upcoming readings, and as a forum for online discussion.

Actors can practice their monologues, writers can try out their sketches. Actors can post their head shots in the photos section and their resume in the file labeled resumes.

Playwrights and screenwriters can post their bio and synopsis of their work on here. Members who have a website should put it in the link section. This is a good site to self-promote. This group has been in existence since 2000.

Please send all inquiries to Ann Thomas at

Pacifica Table Readers Yahoo! group website

PCSF member theatre companies

Some enterprising PCSF members have formed their own theatre companies and are taking play production into their own hands:

If you are a PCSF member and you have your own San Francisco Bay Area theatre company, please e-mail to have it listed here.