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Sheherezade XI

Click to view Sheherezade postcard with artwork plus selected information from this pageProduced by Laylah Muran

Opening Weekend: Friday March 18th & Saturday March 19th
Thursday – Saturday Nights through April 9th, 2011
8 p.m.
Box office opens at 7 p.m.

Tickets $25
Purchase at Brown Paper Tickets

Stage Werx
533 Sutter Street between Powell and Mason Streets (downstairs from SF Playhouse)
San Francisco

  • Directed by Ann Thomas and Brady Brophy-Hilton
  • Production Management, Lighting & Set Design by Quinn Whitaker
  • Master Electrician and Carpentry by Wesley Cayabyab
  • Cast:
    • Wesley Cayabyab,
    • Richard M. Egan,
    • Rachel Marie Ferensowicz,
    • Philip Goleman,
    • Charles Lewis III,
    • Shubhra Prakash,
    • Corinne E. Proctor, and
    • Heidi Wolff

Emergency Contact by Eamon MacAodhagain
In the wake of the pipeline explosion in San Bruno, a PG&E customer service rep follows corporate instructions to “keep it real” with an unsuspecting customer, but only manages to disturb some settled truths from the past. It leads them both to question just how real is too real for corporations and people alike.

Fear Sells by Tom Bruett
Outlandish Betty, the host of a home shopping program at a local television station, attempts to move up the media ladder by any means necessary. Even if those means include holding her guest entrepreneur - who happens to be Muslim - hostage.

iWhat by VB Leghorn
It is iPad madness at the Microsoft offices. Can J.W., a Microsoft Engineer, keep his coworkers sane or will he fall victim too?

Many Winters by Leah Halper
In the shadow of a similar loss more than fifty years ago, Jean flies from Ohio to California to comfort her grand-daughter, Marie, who has lost her young son to cancer. Would stem cell research have helped treatment of his disease?

My Visit with Father Brody by Andrew Black
A man who was abused by a Catholic priest seeks out his abuser with the intent of confronting him and laying the matter to rest. He is surprised to discover that demons are sometimes exorcised in unexpected ways.

Oil and Water by Jaene Leonard
Ann struggles to find hope for her unborn baby in the midst of the BP oil spill crises. Can her husband help her see a future without oil slicks and desolation?

Paul der Krake by Bridgette Portman
Fritz has one joy in life; taking care of Paul, a famous psychic octopus. One night Fritz must defend his charge against Karl, a man determined to kill the cephalopod for unexpected reasons.

Proposition Ate by Kirk Shimano
A fifth grade girl finds herself the victim of a schoolyard bully who strips away her rights. For the first time, she stands her ground.

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