Scene Nights

Scene Nights are invaluable in your writing and revision process. Bring pages in to be read by paid actors, hear your scene come to life, find out how well it's working or not working and get immediate feedback from peers. No submissions, no applications, no committees, no judgments.

Don't be shy, bring in your work and get feedback that will help you make your work its best.

Member playwrights of all experience and style often find it useful to attend these readings because it gives them some of the benefits of a full production earlier in the writing process.

  • Scene selections must be no more than ten minutes.
    • In a properly formatted script, this is 9-10 pages where each line of dialogue is one to three sentences.
    • Scenes that include longer lines of dialogue (characters speaking paragraphs to each other) should be seven or eight pages.
    • Monologues, or scenes with very long speeches are at most four to five pages.
    • Reading your own work out loud at home before bringing it to scene night is encouraged.
    • By adhering to these guidelines, playwrights will not only develop a better sense of their work's true runtime, but will allow all scene night attendees to have the best experience possible.
  • Scene Nights are free for everyone to contribute, but non-members must pay $10 if they wish to have a scene read.
  • Scenes by PCSF members in attendance are read first, and non-members scenes will be read if time allows after all attending members' scenes have been read.
  • Unless otherwise announced, all scene nights occur at 7:30 p.m. at 42nd Street Moonspace, 246 Van Ness Avenue, in San Francisco's civic center. Check the calendar for dates.
  • Because scene reading priority is first come, first served, many playwrights arrive as early as 7 p.m. So, come at 7 p.m., get your name on the list, and take 30 minutes to network and get to know each other better!

NOTE: We pay our actors $10 for Scene Night! If you'd like to sign up for a night of fun cold-reading (and a workshop for your resume) please e-mail Charley Lerrigo, our Scene Night Coordinator.

How it works

We sit in a circle and read about 10 pages of a scene. The playwright selects the readers from the evening's 4 paid actors, with any additional parts assigned to whoever else is willing to read. We strongly recommend that the playwright not read their own work.

After the reading, we critique what we have heard, emphasizing the strengths and possibilities. Usually we have seven or eight scenes, allowing 20 minutes for each, including the reading and the critique.

Although Scene Nights are first come, first served, we try to fit everyone in! If you'd like more details, contact Charley Lerrigo, our Scene Night Coordinator.

Updated 5/4/17